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Comments from Frederick County Department of Aging:

"The presentation was very informative and very well presented."
A reporter from the Frederick News Post attended and took notes during the presentation.

Comment from the Parkinson Disease Support Group:

"Thank you for making a great presentation. The story you weave into your talk is heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time: the tips and suggestions you make throughout really show you gave caregiving a great deal of thought while you were doing it and since then".
- support group facilitator

"Thanks a million for tonight Bill. You were wonderful and such a blessing".
- From the coordinator at Sunrise Senior Living

"What a great job you did! I can't wait to get back to my garden!"
- Gardening to the Support Group training class

Comment from Arden Courts

"Thank you so much for tonight. I have been having a very difficult time handling my Mother who has Alzheimer's. You do not know how much you have helped me tonight."
Bill commented: "Please call me of I can be of any further help."

Comments from Country Meadows, Mechanicsberg, PA:

" The best presentation I have ever heard"
"You are a great speaker"
"I learned a lot from your presentation"
"I read your book and heard you speak before. I enjoyed it even more this time"

Comments from the presentation at Tranquillity:

"Where did you learn to speak so well. That was a great presentation". "You kept everyone's attention"

"You are a very good speaker"
- an attendee

"Your presentation is enjoyable"
- a Leader at Tranquillity

"I like that you speak to financial needs and staying mentally and physically fit"
- an attendee

Comments from Country Meadows in Hershey, PA:

" The feedback from every attendee was that they enjoyed your presentation, you speak very well and clearly. All can understand what you are saying."

"On the feedback forms from your presentation every person felt the information was helpful, well presented and beneficial to hear from someone 'first hand'".
- note from Kathy, Dir of Community Development

"I have no questions. You answered them all in the presentation"
- an attendee

Comments from the Western MD Alzheimer's Association Fall conference:

"That was wonderful"
- Kathy, Alzheimer's Asso

"Will you come to present at Johns Hopkins?"
- one of the speakers at the conference
Bill answered "yes"

"Your presentation is great. I cried"
- an attendee

"Will you come to speak at Somerford"
- Jennifer from Somerford
Bill answered "yes"

"I just read your book. It is great. It is more than about care giving. It is a lesson on living life."
Jean M.

Comments from Country Meadows, Mechanicsberg, PA:

" I have Alzheimer's and was angry that I was stopped from driving. Your presentation changed me and I am no longer angry. I now understand the reason I should not drive. Thank you!"

"I have just become a caregiver. Your presentation has done me more good than you know!"

"I am so happy I came to hear you speak. You are a great speaker and have helped me with many things."

"My Mother is here. Your description of your experiences are an inspiration to me and I know to others."

Comments from the seminar at Meritus Hospital Center:

" Your seminar is great. Thank you for what you do!"

" Bill is the most knowledgeable person I know on Caregiving to a loved one with Alzheimers!"

" Additional people have signed up for your second half of the seminar"

" Thank you for all the help you have given me!"

Comments from presentation at Country Meadows, Frederick, MD

"Your are a great speaker with a great message" - Asst Director

Other attendees:

"You present real life experience and it is done very well. Thank you!"

"I have heard you speak before and learned even more tonight."

Comments from the Military Officers Association of America presentation:

"Your presentation was very informative"
"Thank you for what you do!"

Comments from the seminar at Country Meadows in PA:

"You explain things very well"
"Thank you for your emphasis on getting all required legal documents done"
"Would you come back to be our key-note speaker for a function next year?"

- Bill answered "yes".
"Thank you very much" said with a pat on the shoulder.

Comments from the Lewistown UMC presentation:

"That was an excellent presentation" "We need to keep your presentation going"
- The Pastor

Comments from a reader of the book:

" I have already learned a lot from your book."
- Sylvia

Comments from the Meritus Medical Center presentation:

" Your presentation is the most informative and enjoyable I have ever attended"

" I will let the Chambersburg Hospital know about your presentation. I believe they will want to have you come there"

" Thank you so much for the help you gave me today"

"Your comment about your wife's first day in Heaven was great!"

"Your seminar was very helpful"
"Your presentation was awesome!"
"Your are a great speaker!"
"You helped everyone here tonight!"
"That is the best presentation I have ever heard!"
"I want to invite you to speak at my Church" (Bill responded: I would be delighted to!)

- some attendees at Millian United Methodist Church in Silver Spring

" You helped everyone in attendance"
- the facilitator of the support group

" You were fantastic! You kept my interest the entire time."
- attendee at Country Meadows

"Your seminar is awesome"
-Frederick Country Meadows marketing director.

"Bill, your book is very, very, very good......., a very, very, very good book, good job, in fact it's teaching me a lot."
- Vicki H.

"Very inspirational presentation"
- Bill M.

"I am also buying a copy (of the book) for the library. People need to read this book."
- presentation attendee

"You are an excellent speaker"
-Arlene C. ; a Director at Imperial Plaza

"Your book is excellent!" - Joyce R.

"Your book is needed. It is right on!"
- Mary R.

"Your book is very up-lifting. It made me feel good!"
- local Postmaster

"(The book), it's a good read!"  

 Claudia H.

"I loved your book!"
- Lois G.

"Your book is great!"
- Donna C.

"Bill, your presentation was wonderful"
- Linda G. ; a director at Edenton Retirement Community

"Your presentation is right on, the same as my experiences"

- an attendee at Edenton

" I wish I had saved more when I was younger. My wife and I are now separated because she has Alzheimer's and has to move to another facility because I cannot afford to keep her here."
- a 92 year old attendee to the presentation

"Your presentation was very smooth!"
- George H.

"Thank you for writing a wonderful book!"

- Rich T.

"I have found it hard to put down. So much information."
- Peg H.

"(the book) Filled with so much reality. Thank you for a heart felt book."
- Bev B.

"Your presentation is needed because it is from someone who actually experienced it and not from some study!"
- an attendee at the Cedarfield presentation, Richmond, VA

"Those who attended gave me very positive feedback and felt they learned from your experience. You are an inspirational person."
- wellness coordinator at the Cedarfield presentation, Richmond, VA

"Thanks for sharing your story. The book is great! Billie Jean was so special. It would really please her to know you are helping so many people."
- Joyce

"I believe it (the book) is very helpful to those beginning the journey. I have loaned my copy to a young social worker at Manor Care who is trying to learn more about this whole process."
- Barbara J
(Author's note: Her husband passed away in February with Alzheimer's.)


"I'm reading your book and it is very good. I was so excited when I heard it was available. My father passed away with Alzheimer's!"
- Josephine C.

"You have obviously learned a lot. You need to keep giving this presentation."
- wellness coordinator at Asbury Methodist Village, Gaithersburg, MD

"You are very inspirational."
- two attendees at the Asbury Methodist Village presentation

"I had to call you to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. You wrote a great book."
- retired postmaster

"A very wonderful book. Very inspirational!"
- Joyce F.

"Claudia, please tell Bill Bugg how much I enjoyed his book".
- Sharon P.

"You need to teach the subject matter of your book at Frederick Community College!"
- presentation attendee at St. Ignasius Catholic Church
(Author's note: The gentleman gave me the name of the person at FCC to contact.)

"A very good presentation"
- Joe H. an attendee at the IBM Rusty Blues, Bethesda Country Club

"Keep doing your presentation. I wish I had heard it years ago. It was an excellent presentation."
- a 90 year old attendee at Leisure World
(Author's note: He looked like he was 60. I told him he was going to be my model for 90)

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your book"
- a caregiver class leader at Leisure World

"Your presentation is excellent"
- Joyce F. an attendee at Leisure World

"Your book is wonderful. I loved it. It is a guideline for life. I know it is helping many people."
- Nancy D.

"Your book has a lot of valuable information. In fact we signed up for long term care insurance."
- Jim and Margie E.

"I and all my children read your book. We all enjoyed it!"
- Helen W.

"I found your book very inspirational and really enjoyed it. I loved the combination of personal account and the practical-hands-on information."
- Diana S

" Your book is very moving"
- Methodist minister, pastor Bill

"I bought your book and it is very good. My Mother has Alzheimer's. It is amazing how closely she tracks the regression you describe about your wife!"
- a fellow parishoner

"Thank you SO MUCH for coming to Country Meadows and being such a dynamic speaker! We really, really enjoyed your presentation, so thank you again."
- Debbie S., marketing director Your presentation helped me tremendously."
- several attendees at Country Meadows

"Would you come to my church to give this presentation?"
- attendee at Country Meadows (The author's answer was "Definitely")

"The book is not just about being a caregiver but is a roadmap for life."
- attendee at Country Meadows

"That was a very nice article the Post did on you. I'm glad you are continuing to make presentations."
- Diana

"Thank you for sharing the article - well done, well done!"
- Joe H

"Your presentation is much more than I expected. It was excellent."
- an attendee at the Urbanna, MD presentation

"I am reading your book for the third time and still finding things to underline!"
- attendee at Urbanna, Md library

"Your presentation is very inspiring."
- several attendees at the Frederick County Department of Aging


"Your presentation is excellent."
- other attendees at the Frederick County Department of Aging

"What I liked most was what you said about positive thinking."
- former Frederick County Commissioner

"Folks are still talking about your dynamic presentation at the Caregiver's Conference in Sept."
- Cindy E. of the Washington County Hospital

"I began reading your book and I hope to share it with other caregiver's in the future."
- Mindy L. Caregiver Program Coordinator

"I started reading your book and I couldn't put it down. It is very good, very well done, very well done."
- Bert N.

"I read you book last night. I am sure it is a great help to anyone who is a caregiver. I wish I had read it twenty years ago!"
- Linda M.

" I was happy to meet you because of your book and experience which you are willing to share with the rest of us. I know your book has helped some members of my family!"
- Hazel S.

"We read your book. It was great!"
- Nick and Judith E.

"Your book is very interesting."
- Dick and Shirley V.

" You have a lot of great first-hand information to share."
- Patricia R

"You are an excellent speaker. I want my daughter to read your book."
- Linda M. attendee at Country Meadows, Mechanicsburg, PA

" Your presentation is better than our Sunday morning sermons!"
- attendee at a presentation to a Methodist church group


"You really do need to take your presentation on national TV."
"Your book needs to be sold nationally."
"Have you thought of going on Oprah?"
"Do you have a video of your presentation? Everyone needs to see it."
"I already have your book. I am getting my Mother to do some things you recommend."

- all comments from attendees at a Damascus Methodist retreat

"I have seen your presentation 3 times. They get better each time!"
- Barbara M

"We want to make a $50 donation to the Alzheimer's Association in thanks for your presentation."
- The Heritage Circle of Montgomery United Methodist church

"Thank you for your excellent presentation. We will send you a check for a donation to the Alzheimer's Association as a thank you."
- Stephen Ministeries retreat of the Damascus United Methodist church

"I invite people to speak from all over the Country and I get more good comments about your presentations than for any of the other speakers we have!"
- education coordinator at Washington County Hospital


"Thank God he put into one human being the personality and abilities you have"
- an attendee at the Washington County Hospital 4th Annual Senior Summit
(Authors's note - I told him there is no greater comment anyone could get and I thanked him "very much")

"People who have heard you speak reccomend you very highly."
Diane L.

"I have read your book which is amazingly full of helpful information."
Diane L.

Middletown, MD
"You are very inspiring".
"Your presentation is great"
"Would you come back next Spring and give your presentation on "Staying Physically and Mentally Fit?"

- All comments from Middletown Methodist attendees.
NOTE: The author replied "yes"!

Martinsburg, WV
"Your presentation is great"
"Thank you very much for your touching presentation.
It really helped me"

NOTE from the author: I had a first time experience that was more rewarding than words. A lady came up to me after the presentation with tears running down her face and without saying a word gave me a hug and then left. These are the experiences that will keep me giving the presentation.

"You are a great speaker with an inspirational message for all"
- Debbie S. - Country Meadows marketing director

Authors note: There were two more presentations booked as a result of the presentation at Country Meadows. Bill says "Thanks" to both.

Providence United Methodist Church:
"Your presentation is wonderful" "I wish I had heard your presentation and read your book before I had to be a caregiver to my husband"

Brunswick Senior Center dinner/dance:
"Your band is great"
"We really enjoyed your music"
"Please plan to come play for us again"
"Would you please make arrangements to play at the Brunswick American Legion?"

"A meaningful book that depicts painful and joyful struggles of caregiving and a tribute to a beautiful life"
- Cathy, Social Worker, Alzheimer's Association

"The seminar at our caregiver tea was wonderful and motivational"
- Christina A.

"The experience you share and the positive attitude you hold brought an uplifting message to those in attendance. The discussion during the presentation was a terrific use of time and individuals could take away what they needed by hearing about yours and others caregiving experience."
- Mindy, with the Frederick County Department of Aging commenting on the seminar at Heartfields.

" Your presentation was awesome!"
- from several nurse students

Comments from Colesville UMC presentation!
" You helped me a lot tonight!"
"Your presentation is awesome!"
"You are the best speaker I have heard!"
" I will continue to promote you and your presentation!"

Comments from Country meadows, Mechanicsburg, Pa:
"You are very inspirational"
"We want you to come back with your seminar in September"
With a hug, " You were great and helped me so very much"
"I wish you had been around when I was caring for my husband"

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