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Bill developed a presentation around the topics in his book that he has given many times. The title of that presentation is the same as the book, "Soaring Above Adversity".

Bill conducts round table discussions on Positive Thinking for The Caregiver, Rights of The Caregiver and Family Member Responsibilities.

Bill combined the Positive Thinking For The Caregiver, Family Member Responsibilities, Rights of The Caregiver and Staying Mentally and Physically Fit into a seminar. Bill has added a fifth topic to the seminar "Legal and Administrative Needs" which covers the need for a will, power of attorney and living will or health care power of attorney. He conducts the seminar by presenting each of the five subjects with a question and answer and discussion session after each subject is presented.

The "Soaring Above Adversity" presentation is available on a professionally made DVD filmed live at the former Washington County, Robinwood Center in Hagerstown, MD. Bill asks $20.00 for a copy of the DVD. Bill continues to give the presentation locally within 20 miles of Frederick, MD.

Each of the round table discussions take thirty minutes allowing for interaction of the table attendees. Bill holds the round table discussions within 30 miles of Frederick, MD.

The seminar scheduled time is a minimum of an hour which allows time for attendee questions and discussions within the group. Depending on the number of attendees and their interaction the seminar can take up to two hours or more. Bill conducts the seminar within 30 miles of Frederick, MD.

Bill does not charge a fee for any of the presentations, round table discussions or the seminar. He does request that 10 of his books be purchased by the attendees or the sponsoring organization or both to provide for a contribution to Alzheimerís research from each of Billís audience participations. The publisher set price for the book is $12.95. Bill will sign all books purchased.

Packages of the book and the DVD and copies of the presentation material can be requested. The price is negotiable depending on what is requested and the quantities of each item.

A reminder that all materials, the book, the DVD and the presentation material are copyrighted.

Most profits from the sale of the book and the DVD are donated to Alzheimer's research. Bill's goalís for everything he does is to help others and to contribute more funds to Alzheimer's research. Bill does not do any of these activities for his own personal monetary gain.

Bill does not ask for reimbursement of his expenses up to $50.00 which he covers out of pocket. Reimbursement of expenses over $50.00 is requested so most profits from the book and DVD can be donated to Alzheimer's research.

Bill facilitates a Caregiver Support Group at his Church. He is willing to help others who want to become a support group facilitator.

Bill presenting at the Imperial Plaza, Richmond Virginia
Bill presenting at the Imperial Plaza, Richmond Virginia
Bill presenting at Edenton Retirement Community, Frederick, MD.
Bill presenting at Edenton Retirement Community, Frederick, MD.